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This site is dedicated to the attempt to understand Markets and their Economic Bubbles using the theory of Meta-systems.

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Meta-systems Theory as an explanation of Bubblenomics.

Sometimes it is better to explain a fact from the point of view of another disciple. In this case we will offer an explanation of the Speculative Bubble such as the Housing/Sub-prime Bubble we are experiencing now from a General Schemas Theory and Advanced Systems and Meta-systems Theory perspective. The Reeference.com article suggests that bubbles happen not just in laissez faire markets but also in highly determinate and controled market simulations. This means that Economic Bubbles that occur in Markets deamand a different type of explanation than we might normally give to such phenomena, even if we might identfy them as black swans.

Markets as Meta-systems
Meta-systems Theory and the Structure of Markets :
An Explanation of Speculative Bubbles, their Bursting and other Strange, yet Dangerous, Market Dynamics

Chapter 01 An Introduction to Bubble-nomics scribd
Chapter 02 The Theory of Meta-Systemic Markets scribd

MarketsAsMeta-Systems PalmerKD BUB01a02 - Upload a Document to Scribd
MarketsAsMeta-Systems PalmerKD BUB02a03 - Upload a Document to Scribd


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